We focus on your customers’ needs

Scandinavia is known as the place in the world with the happiest population. The concept of ‘hygge’ is widely accepted to be one of the key factors, we believe it is the key to understanding your customer’s needs.

An important part of the Scandinavian culture that promotes ‘hygge’, is the joy experienced by eating together with family & friends, gathered around a dining table, enjoying a home cooked meal. Our collections of stackable chairs and extendable tables embody Scandinavian hospitality… there’s always room for one more.

Our large assortment of elegant dining tables and comfortable but stylish dining chairs, found in a wide range of styles and colors, will make it easy for you to create a unique range of dining solutions for your customers.

The Gusto collection has the added benefit that we make the hard work simple, the collection aims to complement all combinations.